Thursday, July 19, 2007

More Dots to connect....Bush & NCFE

Former National Century execs charged in $3B case
Posted 5/22/2006 10:38 PM ET
By Edward Iwata, USA TODAY
In what the FBI calls its largest investigation ever of a privately held company, seven former executives of National Century Financial Enterprises in Dublin, Ohio, were charged in a $3 billion accounting scheme, an indictment unsealed Monday says.
Lance Poulsen, the 62-year-old former CEO of National Century, was charged with 47 counts of securities, wire and mail fraud and money laundering.

Before the company's sudden financial collapse in 2002, Poulsen was a well-known figure in Florida business and political circles, hosting fundraisers and hobnobbing with Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. ........Last year, the Securities and Exchange Commission filed civil securities fraud charges against Poulsen, Ayers, Parrett and Speer. More than 200 health care providers filed for bankruptcy protection after National Century's fell apart, the SEC said.

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