Monday, July 30, 2007

Leavitt Group Enterprises, Inc. (Where is DHHS Secretary)

Geez, I wonder why this Secretary of Department of Human Health Services promotes Market Driven Health Care.......
Apparently he states the reason our Health Care is in a crisis is becuase of government progrmas. Funny, I thought it has been Market Driven.

Lets just look at his company for the last 18years:

Moving forward: Since year-end 1989 the Leavitt Group has grown from 29 agencies to 71 agencies in 115 locations. Annualized premiums have climbed from $8 million to $1.2 billion. Throughout this period of growth and success, agency profitability ratios have remained well above industry averages. Leavitt Group Enterprises continues its pattern of carefully expanding into new areas by working with qualified individuals to create or acquire independent insurance agencies and to recruit effective producers.

Although, currently he is not any of the :
Officers & Directors
Dane Leavitt, Chief Executive Officer
Eric Leavitt, President

Mark Kenney, Chief Financial Officer
Bruce Crankshaw, Chief Operating Officer
Kelly Russell, Chief Affiliation Officer
Mark Leavitt, Affiliation Marketing Director
Caylor Dalley, Senior Executive Vice President
Rod Leavitt, Senior Executive Vice President
Vance Smith, Senior Executive Vice President
Nate Esplin, Treasurer
Mike Chidester, General Counsel
Board of Directors
Dixie Leavitt
Dane Leavitt
Eric Leavitt
Mark Leavitt
Kelly Russell
Rod Leavitt
Calvin Barlocker
David Leavitt
Matthew Leavitt

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