Friday, July 13, 2007

Medicare/Medicaid in the USA.

FRAUD! The Medicare/Medicaid idea was great, but the greed and corruption was and is the true reason this system is failing. No one talks about this.

What they do talk about is the future of this system and how we will not be able to manage the upcoming baby boomer population, as the system is working to today that is. But once again. they will not discuss the real reason of this collapse in our health care system, FRAUD! There were so many loopholes for years on end within the Medicare/Medicaid system offering ample opportunity to financially drain the system into the ibis.

Once a readers digest investigative reporter wrote: “The government has given the open door to allow entities to blatantly defraud the system without any oversight or consequence.

back in the late 90's 60 Minutes did a report on the "PAC MAN" mentality of HCA.

Now Hillary and Barack want to improve and fine tune the insurance companies! Bring costs down. Have a variety of ideas that will save families $2400.00-2500.00 yr with their premiums. Is that discount off of the already astronomical costs that exist already? Wow, what a deal!

My God, just look at this pharmaceutical industry! Consider all their contributions to the political parties. Now, WHY IS THAT? WHAT COULD THEY POSSIBLY WANT? Thus, we have a pharmaceutical bill for seniors. We all know how well that works!

Just take a look at the ex-Senate Leader, Bill Frist, the doctor, when the pharmaceutical bill was passed for seniors. Ironic, this is the leader that was from the same family that revamped our Health Care System which is in such dire straits today. This is abominable!

Is anyone aware of the amount of dollars involved in this fraudulent system that has continued over decades within our health care system? While you are out on the campaign trail and are asked how you will pay for the plan that you propose might include the collection of overdue payments that are a result of fraud within the system. Who knows, that could pay for it all! Note: Many settled cases by the government have yet to collect one dime from the settlements.

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