Tuesday, June 17, 2008

South Florida region bills Medicare more than $2 billion each year

Miami - Home to the largest health-care fraud by one person by B.A.C., 06/13/2008
Hats off to our local High School dropout Rita Campos Ramirez for orchestrating the largest single person Medicare fraud in US history! Rita managed to scam the government for $105 million over 4 years and treated herself to two condos and a benzo. As a result of her conviction by the man the government has been able to convict others who were implicitly involved in her scheme. It seems Rita isn't the only one milking the system here in Miami either;

Investigators and prosecutors trained their focus on Miami after noticing two troubling patterns:
HHS investigators discovered that nearly half of 1,581 medical equipment companies they visited in the Miami area did not comply with basic Medicare requirements to be open during scheduled hours and to have a telephone number. The inspector general and the Government Accountability Office have flagged weak oversight of these kinds of suppliers for a dozen years, according to congressional testimony.
The South Florida region bills Medicare more than $2 billion each year for injectable HIV medications. That figure is 22 times as high as the amount of similar claims in the rest of the country, and is far out of line with demographic data in a population of 2 million people in Miami-Dade County, HHS statistics show.
Now thats the American dream ladies and gentleman. Drop out of school yet still be savvy enough to swindle the American government for $104 mil. I am applauding you at this moment Rita and I'm certain many other dropouts here in Miami are ready to take your place and lead the charge for the continued labeling of Miami as the only third world city in the USA.

[MSNBC 'Rags to riches' through Medicare fraud]

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