Saturday, June 28, 2008

A letter to my Senators.......

Sent: Wednesday, May 10, 2006 1:18 PM
Subject: letter to Durbin and Obama

Listening to Lamar Alexander of TN and others regarding the reason many people must travel miles to get to a physician is because of all the malpractice law suits filed in this country. This could be no further from the truth!

I would beg you to please take a look at Bill Frist's family empire/monopoly. HCA, INC. It is because of this conglomerate that our health system is in the crisis it is in and I implore you to bring up the reason people have to travel miles to a physician is not because of the malpractice but because of the monopoly HCA has been able to build in this country for the last 25-30 years. Not to mention the Billions, and possibly trillions of dollars in Medicare/Medicaid fraud, some of which has been exposed, most of which has not.

I would be more than happy to discuss my research and proof of my statements. This will be exposed, sooner or later with or without your assistance.
Thank You-
Susan Golden

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