Friday, April 18, 2008

A panel to explore the latest developments in trends, practice issues related to health care fraud.? What a bizarre notion!

Join our three distinct panels as they explore the latest developments in practice issues related to health care fraud. Each panel will cover a separate set of topics.

Panel I: Trends in Health Care Fraud Enforcement

The first panel will discuss recent trends in health care fraud enforcement as well as initiatives aimed at preventing and detecting fraud and abuse.

Panel II: The Government's Role in Enforcing Health Care Quality
This panel will focus on quality of care issues, an increasing focus for the government's enforcement agencies, including the OIG, the Department of Justice and state Attorneys General. Panelists will discuss theories of criminal and civil liability for substandard care including, False Claim Act prosecutions for "failure of care” and provision of worthless services. Attendees will also learn about the violations of licensure laws for using unlicensed or unqualified personnel.

Panel III: Settlement Issues and RamificationsThe third panel will discuss settlement issues and ramifications. This panel will address issues to be considered when entering into settlement agreements with the government. Attendees will learn about the intricacies of sentencing and fine issues as well as the issue of potential exclusion from federal programs, corporate integrity agreements, and post-settlement monitoring. Panelists will provide insight on both the government's viewpoint, and the viewpoint of a practitioner experienced in negotiating such agreements.

Practice Areas: Government Law, Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals Law

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