Friday, April 18, 2008

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo ....home-health care industry bills the state $3.8 billion a year in Medicaid costs,

Cuomo Issuing Subpoenas On Home Health Industry

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo just called to say he’s in Buffalo and Rochester today to announce that he’s issuing 27 subpoenas to home-health companies across upstate over allegations of fraud and mistreatment of patients.

Cuomo said the home-health care industry bills the state $3.8 billion a year in Medicaid costs, yet Cuomo believes there is “rampant fraud throughout the system.”

He mentioned instances where home-health agencies bill patients but never even show up. He said there’s one case in Rochester where there was $70,000 in over billing.

“It’s a double fraud,” Cuomo said. “It’s victimizing elderly people, disabled people who are home bound for the most part, and you rip off the taxpayers.”

He said the subpoenas will seek records and information from home-health care companies about their billing practices and work with patients.

The home-health care industry is the latest target by Cuomo, who earlier this week expanded his probe into whether local governments and schools are bilking taxpayers by putting consultants on the payroll in order to receive state benefits, such as health care and pensions.

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