Sunday, February 3, 2008

Health care that is always there? Are you kidding me?

'Health Care That's Always There'. Really? by Eric Novack
We haven't heard from our favorite orthopedic surgeon in a while but Eric Novack is back to change the world...or at least express his annoyance at some people in it! I suspect that we'll be hearing lots of arguments like this in years to come!

The initiative that SEIU aims to get on the ballot this November to amend the Michigan Constitution:

Michigan Health Care Security Ballot Campaign - 'Health Care That's Always There'

The State Legislature shall pass laws to make sure that every Michigan resident has affordable and comprehensive health care coverage through a fair and cost-effective financing system. The Legislature is required to pass a plan that, through public or private measures, controls health care costs and provides for medically necessary preventive, primary, acute and chronic health care needs.

Will it pass? Should it pass? Who wins? Who loses?

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