Monday, February 18, 2008

Fraud Fraud Fraud

According to some reports and various leaks, the Dubai International Capital bid to take Liverpool FC over is gathering pace. It does seem that DIC have been dealing separately with both Tom Hicks and George Gillett. Hicks is seen as the man wishing to make money at any cost, now the only one of the owners who actually speaks about the club. Gillett is considered to be the man who yes, wanted to make money, but not necessarily at any cost. The pair are now said to be completely at odds with each other, Foster Gillett resigning from the position he held overseeing the running of the club from England. Tom Hicks and his son Tommy Junior are now the names who seem to be dealing with activity at the club, usually through third-party PR people.

There is a chance that DIC will buy from one owner before the other, and there were some claims that Gillett will get out for a much smaller figure than Hicks – but Hicks is digging his heels in, almost in revenge at the way his deceit has been exposed.

I found an old article from Harpers magazine, first published in around 2000, written by Joe Conason, called “Fortune’s Child”. This was before current US president George W Bush got into power and the article asks some interesting questions, raising some important issues.

I’ve included extracts below, cutting the original text down slightly, but there’s still a lot to read. Grab yourself a coffee and look just how much suspicion was being pointed at Hicks eight years ago.

A link to the full version will follow…

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