Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Political Contributions

I see nor hear any dialogue regarding Fraud that is so vast throughout the entire health care sytem. I see no one addressing the root of the
problem that has caused our entire Health Care Crisis , FRAUD.
Mr. Leavitt, head of HHS, has indicated that the market should dictate our health care system . I am for market capitalism for tangible goods, not
Health Care. If you dig deep enough you will see that this system we have was formed by two entities.
Now one of them has disguised itself within the pharmaceutical companies meanwhile closing hospitals across the country leaving American citizens without access to hospitals.

Funny, Bill Frist was Majority Leader during the passing of the Medicare Part D Bll that has FORCED our seniors to sign up and PAY for

Now those same insurance companies are advetising how prices have dropped due to "COMPETETION" with pharmaceuticals. Well, could it be that the price was so outrageous to begin with that there was no harm in decreasing the price of the drugs that are less in every other country in the world but ours! Or is the decreasse due to the exposure of the ability for VA to negotiate but not Medicare? The answer that generic drugs have come to the market is not a good enough answer nor accurate.

Does anyone remember going to your doctor and working out a payment for the visit directly with the doctor? What happened to that system? HMO's & Workmans Compensation INSURANCE COMPANIES! Ask any working AMERICAN what they think of WORKMAN's COMP? I dare you to.

Is it coincidental that the largest contributor to POLITICIANS is the INSURANCE industry? Very ironic.

I want to hear how the HMO's WILL BE ELIMINATED FROM OUT HEALTH CARE SYSTEM! Have you ever heard of the saying: "NO Health, No Wealth" ?

Thank you and I sure hope you will address the ROOT of the HEALTH CARE PROBLEM......FRAUD!
Need help? Just a request away. I have plenty of information acquired through FOIA from agencies across this country of ours.

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