Friday, May 11, 2007

DOJ - Where are you?

I see no litigation cases regarding Fraud on the Medicare Advocacy website. Fraud is so vast throughout the entire health care system I believe no one really has the resource or knowledge to address the ROOT CAUSE, Fraud.

FRAUD, which is the true cause of our failing Health Care System in America is not addressed by our law makers. Why is that? It is FRAUD and GREED, by a relatively small group people, that has caused our entire Health Care Crisis , FRAUD.

When was the last time the Department of Justice or Conngress addressed this crippling fraudulent behavior, coast to coast ?
Mr. Leavitt , Department head for CMS, ex-governor of Utah, has indicated that the market should dictate our health care system . I am for market capitalism for tangible goods, not Health Care. If you dig deep enough, I believe you will see that this system we have was formed by two of the largest entities in the early 80's.

Our ENTIRE health care system in this country was created by only a handful of people.

Now, one of them, has disguised itself within the pharmaceutical companies meanwhile capitalizing on the new LAW and closing hospitals across the country,. leaving American citizens without access to hospitals. Remember, since Medicare Reform, they have been robbing the American people of Health care and transforming themselves into Pharmaceuticals and Research rather than improving or maintaining what was once their CORE business, Hosptials. But of course, now we are losing hospitals daily.

Funny, Bill Frist was Majority Leader during the passing of the Medicare Part D Bill that has FORCED our seniors to sign up and PAY for additional INSURANCE ! We all know what he was born into , don't we?

Now the insurance companies are advertising how prices have dropped on pharmaceuticals. Well, could it be that the price was so outrageous to begin with that there was no harm in decreasing the price of the drugs that are less in every other country in the world but ours! Or could it be that because the Republican led Congress would not allow negotiations of any sort for the seniors.

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