Thursday, January 15, 2009

United Health Group, Cuomo goes after United Health

Cuomo goes after United Health
Updated: 01/13/2009 09:26 PM
By: Erin Billups

NEW YORK STATE -- "I'm putting all the other healthcare insurance companies on notice today. This is the first step today with United," said Attorney General Andrew Cuomo.

After an investigation into allegations of unfair insurance reimbursement rates, United Health Group, one of the country's largest health insurers, has agreed to shut down its subsidiary, Ingenix, the nation's largest provider of health care billing information. Cuomo says Ingenix intentionally skewed the rates used when patients saw a doctor out of their coverage network.

"The system basically forced consumers to write a blank check to the doctor. They had no other guidance," Cuomo said.

Many large and small insurance providers use Ingenix, giving the company customer's billing information and all receiving the same reimbursement rate.

"Everyone bought into the system, everyone agreed, everyone has the same numbers. It was very difficult to detect," Cuomo said.

So customers would go to out-of-network doctors thinking they'd get, say, 80 percent back of what they were billed, only to find out that Ingenix would give back 10 to 28 percent less, calling that, the quote, usual and customary cost.

Mary Jerome, is being treated for advanced stage ovarian cancer. After she discovered her reimbursements were too low, she reported it to Cuomo's office.

"I felt like I had to battle twice, I had to battle cancer and I then felt I had to battle my insurance company,” said Jones. “It was almost too much to bear."

Now fewer people will have to bear that burden. United has also agreed to pay $50 million to a qualified nonprofit organization that will create a new independent database and reimbursement system. It will also develop a website where customers can find out, in advance, how much they'll pay before they go to the doctors.

But the investigation continues. Cuomo says one by one, they'll be investigating other insurance companies.

"I believe all these companies that have been involved with Ingenix, that there's a very strong case that they were perpetrating consumer frauds. And we are going to aggressively pursue those cases," Cuomo said.

In a press release, United Health's president said they're confident "the agreement will enhance the transparency of information" for consumers. But it seems this was just the tip of the iceberg.

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