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Who is watching over this enterprise? More one arm bandits controlling the HOME HEATL CARE in this country! OMG!!!
How much frayud will take place or these enterprises be allowed to STEAL RIGHT FROM UNDER OUR NOSES!!

Fully automated electronic fax system jointly developed by Thornberry Limited and SecureCare Technologies.
(Lancaster, PA and Austin, TX – May 20, 2008) Thornberry Limited, developer of home care clinical management software, and SecureCare Technologies (OTCBB: SCUC), a health care information technology company based in Austin, Texas, have partnered to provide what they believe is the home care industry's first, fully-automated electronic fax system.

SecureCare's Sfax™ system will be available to Thornberry customers on June 1, 2008. It eliminates the entire manual physician order fax operation and replaces it with an automated fax system that is integrated within Thornberry's NDoc® clinical management application.

Twin Tier Home Health in Vestal, New York will be the first home health agency to implement the new automated faxing system later this month. SecureCare CEO Dennis Nasto predicts Twin Tier will realize savings of up to 95% in administration time and up to 80% of the cost of manual faxing.

By automating the task of sending and receiving fax-based communications, Sfax™ meets HIPAA guidelines for electronic exchange of patient health information and delivers NDoc® 485 documents without the need to print and manually process. "All Sfax™ transmissions are encrypted and a built-in audit and log trail mean instant access to data in the event of an audit," Nasto said.

(Who is Dennis?)
"When we met Dennis at last October's NAHC meeting, we told him we were interested in a collaboration but did not want to merely write another third-party interface," said Thornberry president Tom Peth. "SecureCare does have agreements with other home care software companies so we made it clear that, If we were going to put in this much effort, we wanted to end up with something that no one else had yet done. I think this tight of an integration between the two products gives us the right to claim we have accomplished that."

According to a cost study conducted by SecureCare, almost 15 billion fax pages are sent, received, printed, signed and re-faxed every year between healthcare providers, greatly increasing costs and reducing efficiency.
Homecare Homebase announces partnership with growing, six-state hospice.
SolAmor Hospice operates out of nine locations in six states, including Oklahoma, Colorado,
Massachusetts, New Mexico, New Hampshire, and Connecticut. SolAmor joined the Sun Healthcare Group family of companies in September 2006.
This week, the organization announced that it has selected Homecare Homebase to provide its software system.

(Glen Cavallo.....hmmmmmmm what a history this one has)
"As our organization continues to grow, we realized the current system would not uphold the level of quality care for which we are known and continue to pursue," said SolAmor president Glen Cavallo. His Oklahoma administrator, Jeffery Holm, agreed, "From an administrators standpoint, we now have the ability to eliminate repetitive, distracting tasks which will significantly increase our time spent attending to our patients and their loved ones."

Dallas-based Homecare Homebase offers a web-based software system running on handheld computers to track volunteer hours, prepare IDT reviews and coordinate the bereavement process. Founded in 1999, Homecare Homebase supports real-time, wireless information exchange, automates workflow processes and provides billing checks and balances to improve accuracy.
Healthcare Automation celebrates 20 years supporting the Home Infusion industry.
Rhode Island-based Healthcare Automation, Inc. (HAI) is marking its 20th anniversary this year as a provider of home care software.

Headquartered in Warwick, RI, HAI was founded in 1988 to address the home infusion therapy industry's need for automation. "Our first product, The I.V. Solution, was developed to meet the need for affordable, comprehensive software systems for both small and complex home infusion providers," recalls HAI CEO and founder, Ken Pereira. The company's inaugural product is currently in use around the world, Pereira added.

Soon after, Pereira added outsourced reimbursement and collections services and regulatory consulting through the Healthcare Automation Reimbursement Center. Pereira brought in Jeanne Lugli, a former client and reimbursement expert who complemented the software offering.

HAI entered the Windows era with HomecareNet in 2002. Rather than convert old data structures and screens, the new product was entirely rewritten in JAVA atop a SQL Server database. After beta testing, it was expanded to support home nursing and home medical equipment functionality.

"We’re incredibly proud of the team we've built and the products we provide to our clients," Pereira concluded. "These first 20 years have given us insight into the industry that we are able to give back every day."

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