Monday, November 12, 2007

Richard Rainwater....

A Kos diarist called NCDem has written a marvelous piece on the CIA-linked Gulfstream II which went down in Mexico laden with tons of cocaine.

In past stories, we've focused on the final owner of the drug plane -- the mysterious Clyde O'Connor. He was allowed to walk around free for two weeks after the crash -- and then was allowed to scoot off to the Azores after the media began to take note of him. But Clyde isn't the only interesting owner this jet has had. (He seems to have been just the designated fall guy; these planes always go through quick "on paper" ownership transfers just before a major drug run.) To recap:This same Adams once partnered up with a rather wild character named Michael Farkas. Among his many other noteworthy accomplishments, Farkas helped to found SkyWay Aircraft. SkyWay, you will recall owned that other coke-laden jet -- the DC9 captured in Mexico.

In that case, the pilot was allowed to get away scot free. In the more recent instance of the downed Gulfstream II, the pilot was captured, offered to bribe his way out of captivity...and we have not heard one further word as to his fate.

Such things do not occur by accident.

Both jets had Bush family connections; the Skyway jet spent a lot of time in a hanger owned by another Bush funder, Richard Rainwater. No owner of either jet ever has or ever will see the inside of a courtroom.

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